Integrated Dermatology Announces Eastside Dermatology in Ohio has Joined its Group

Integrated Dermatology Announces Eastside Dermatology in Ohio has Joined its Group

Boca Raton, F.L. Oct. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Integrated Dermatology Group (IDG) has announced that Eastside Dermatology of Columbus, OH, has become a part of Integrated Dermatology’s national group of dermatology practices.

Eastside’s two Ohio locations will continue under the leadership of Dr. Alan Parks. Eastside Dermatology has been a premier provider of dermatological services in the greater Columbus area since 1986 and will now enjoy the benefits of partnering with IDG.

"Seeing the healthcare environment change so rapidly, with so much uncertainty, I felt it was time for a leading national partner to offer the support and infrastructure that would allow me to spend more time focusing on my patients" said Dr. Alan Parks of Eastside Dermatology. “This partnership will help me to further build and grow my practice without having to deal with all of the administrative and operational hassles solo practitioners face." 

"IDG focuses on making our doctors’ lives better by taking away a lot of the stress of managing a practice, such as billing and collections, human resources, and compliance, just to name a few," said Jeff Queen, president of IDG. Integrated Dermatology’s model involves relieving back-office headaches so doctors can more comfortably explore practice expansion. Integrated helps guide its partner dermatologists in that regard as well, given its expertise in growing dermatology practices. Mr. Queen adds, “Our practitioners can do what they do best, practice medicine, while we make their lives easier. Our strategic decision to align with Dr. Parks exemplifies our commitment to partnering with great dermatology practices across the country."

For more information about partnering with one of the nation's fastest growing dermatology groups, contact Jeff Queen at 561-314-2000 x1026 or

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