Integrated Dermatology Expands To Nevada Through Partnership With Aistheta

Integrated Dermatology Expands To Nevada Through Partnership With Aistheta

BOCA RATON FL, DATE – Integrated Dermatology Group (IDG), one of the nation’s largest dermatology practices, has announced its expansion into Nevada.  IDG has partnered with Aistheta of Reno, Nevada forming Integrated Dermatology of Reno.


Dr. Robert Riley, current medical director of Aistheta, is pleased to announce that Dr. William Mortensen will be joining the practice as the new medical director of Integrated Dermatology of Reno.  “I am looking forward to becoming a member of Integrated Dermatology Group and the Reno community.  Being able to manage an already successful practice, and having IDG assuming the responsibility for back-office operations will allow me to focus on providing great patient care,” said Dr. Mortensen.


“IDG minimizes the distraction of back-office operation, by allowing doctors to concentrate on practicing medicine. We focus on the non-medical functions of a practice," said Jeff Queen, president of Integrated Dermatology Group. IDG’s model removes the burden of operations, thus allowing the physicians to have their total focus on practicing outstanding medicine. 


About Integrated Dermatology Group – Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, IDG owns, manages and operates dermatology practices throughout the United States. The company is expanding rapidly by acquiring and partnering with dermatology practices nationally. IDG has created an innovative program that provides dermatologists looking to sell their practice, and also dermatologists who desire a partnership, with an opportunity that previously did not exist.


For those physicians wishing to remain in their practice, IDG provides selling dermatologists monetary value for a portion of their practice, and they continue at the practice as physician owners. For physicians wishing to exit their practice, IDG allows them to monetize a lifetime of work and provides younger dermatologists with the opportunity to own and take over the established practice of a retiring dermatologist.


IDG's activities are designed to improve the quality of life for its partner dermatologists, while adding to their success. Its partner physicians are better able to focus on providing high quality dermatological care by offering its doctors relief from the stress of administrative functions, such as finance and human resource services and compliance guidance.  To learn more, visit