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The largest independent dermatology practice in the country.

We buy dermatology practices, enabling dermatologists to remain true partners who practice with complete autonomy. We also provide career opportunities for dermatologists seeking to join an established practice.

Our goal: To empower our physician partners to optimize the value of their practice while retaining their autonomy, resulting in a fulfilling career with control and ability to offer great patient care.

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Services & Departments

Integrated Dermatology offers unparalleled support for every aspect of the back-office operations of dermatology practices, from accounting to payroll and human resources, and everything in between. This enables our partner and associate dermatologists to focus on high-quality patient care while relieving them of the time and stress that can accompany dealing with the administrative burden of running a practice. Do only what you can do: provide great patient care. Let us take care of the rest.

Provider and Staff Recruiting

Human Resources







Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Payor Credentialing

Vendor Relationships & Pricing

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Our Partners Maintain
Full Autonomy

When you sell your practice to Integrated Dermatology you are not an employee. Instead, you remain a true partner with control over the practice of medicine and the operational decisions. Keep your practice name, retain your staff, determine their compensation, continue to use your choice of medical/cosmetic equipment and supplies, set your own schedule, and so much more. Practice how, when, and with whom you want. Your personal and professional goals come first.
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Grow Your Practice

Whether you choose to be a partner or an associate, our process begins with a full analysis of the operations and finances of your practice. We will do a deep dive of your practice which allows us to provide recommendations and Key Performance Indicators to help us plot a path forward. Together, we’ll determine the best way to maximize the synergies and efficiencies we can bring to you. When you choose us as your new partner, you’ll receive ongoing support of an expert team behind you to help you grow and become more efficient, without doing any extra work with your own hands – that’s what we’re here for.
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Elevate Your Career

Are you a dermatologist looking to join an established practice? Would you like to become a full partner now or sometime in the future, but don’t want the costs to do it on your own? We provide our doctors with established paths for career growth, as well as above market compensation. With practices in over 25 states from coast to coast, we have a myriad of opportunities. Join the country’s largest independent dermatology practice and enjoy the benefits throughout your career. Run your own practice with full medical and operational autonomy as well as continuous support from our expert operational team. With Integrated Dermatology, you have multiple career path opportunities. You can be a partner or associate, ascend or descend as you choose.