The Largest Independent Dermatology Practice
in the United States

Founded in 2004, we are family owned and operated with practices in over 25 states across the country — from metropolitan city centers to rural areas — and are now the largest independent dermatology practice in the country. At Integrated Dermatology, we review hundreds of practices each year, only buying the most successful. This allows us to enable our doctors to remain true partners with full autonomy and provide career opportunities for dermatologists seeking to join an established practice.

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Our Core Values

At Integrated Dermatology, our journey is centered on being the best possible partner to our dermatologists, always putting you first. We only buy practices where we would be comfortable sending our own family for care. This means that we are highly selective, but it also means that our values are at the very essence of who we are and how we operate.

Operate with Integrity.

We’re honest and do the right thing. We earn the trust of one another and our practices.


Be Accountable and Own It.

We keep our promises and commitments to one another and to our practices. We communicate promptly and take initiative to be part of the solution.

Go the Extra Mile.

We do what it takes to support one another and our practices. We give the extra effort to achieve quality results.


Have Passion and Pride.

We take pride in our work. We have a passion to create the best place to work and to cultivate the best dermatology practices in the country.


Care For Others.

We care for one another and our practices.

If these values are what you’re looking for in a partner, you should consider joining our family. Just as you would trust your family to look out for your best interests, you can trust the expert team at Integrated Dermatology.

Our Vision


The landscape of healthcare delivery, and its costs, are constantly changing. As healthcare costs continue to rise, our goal is to be one of the key players providing dermatology care in the United States, fostering stability in the specialty. Integrated Dermatology is the only independent, strategic group in dermatology to date, meaning that we have a 25+ year horizon of providing great patient care and continue to be a key player. There will certainly be others, but our path is clear: be patient focused and doctor driven for the long run.

These long-term strategic goals empower our partner physicians to provide high-quality patient care, with unlimited growth potential. Our vision is to provide unique, customized partnerships to help each individual doctor achieve their career aspirations while enabling our partners to have the autonomy they deserve. We do this so that we can ensure that countless patients across the country have access to high-quality patient care from doctors who are passionate about what they do, with the full support and financial security to thrive.

Our Model

Just like any business, we have gone through many changes over the years. However, what’s different about Integrated Dermatology is how and why we change and adapt to new needs and demands. We base our model around what our partner physicians want and need to offer high quality patient care. Ultimately, we have found that this is the winning formula for our doctors, patients, and Integrated Dermatology.


We have shaped our model in a way that enables us to always be on the same team as our partner dermatologists. We celebrate successes together and, of course, we are always here to address any issues together so that we can continue to move forward and grow as true partners. 


You will find our model to be entirely unique. We will never tell you to change the name of your practice, when to work, how much you can pay your staff, or anything else. We leave all those things up to you. At Integrated Dermatology, you will find a partner that you are excited to work with every day, that will enable you to grow financially and in your career, while providing superior patient care.

employees of Integrated Dermatology meet in a well-lit ground-floor conference room with a view of trees

Our History

Integrated Dermatology Office

Integrated Dermatology was founded by brothers Jeff and Andy Queen in 2004 and continues to be family-owned and operated today. What began as a startup has since blossomed into the largest independent dermatology practice in the country.

a female dermatologist examines the arm of a male patient

When we began in 2004, we saw that there was a great need for dermatological care and that many individuals did not have easy access to this care, as well as a lack of dermatology specific electronic health records (EMR) or practice management systems (PMS) available.

two dermatologists smiling while reviewing patient data on a tablet in an exam room

This led to the inception of OnSite Dermatology and subsequently eDerm. Today, OnSite Dermatology serves over 1,800 facilities in twelve states and eDerm is our proprietary, dermatology specific EMR, designed by our dermatologists for their own use.

IDG Conference Room

Not long after our beginnings, we bought our first dermatology practice and have been expanding ever since. Today, we partner with dermatology practices in over 25 states and are continuously growing, bringing patient-focused, doctor-driven care to countless individuals.