Sell Your Practice. Create Lifelong Wealth.

Enjoy the support of an expert dermatology business team, so you’re free to be the doctor you want to be.

Realize the Value of Your Practice.

There’s never been a better time to monetize the value of your life’s work by partnering with one of the largest and most respected dermatology firms in the United States.

Dermatologists are facing a constantly evolving business environment. With those changes come opportunities that have never before existed.

Whether growing your practice, devising a succession plan, or considering retirement, it takes specialized expertise to navigate and manage the transition skillfully.

We leverage our years of business experience to create real solutions that give you the freedom to be the doctor you want to be.

Take Control of Your Future.

Like every dermatologist, you will exit your practice one day. Our goal is to ensure you don’t leave money on the table or jeopardize the reputation you’ve worked so hard to secure.

By partnering with Integrated Dermatology, you take control of your future. Our succession plans are personalized based on your career aspirations. We work together to plan ahead, ensuring patients and staff are cared for, while you continue to maintain medical autonomy. Once your retirement arrives, we assume certain liabilities, so you can rest assured your legacy is safe.

Why Integrated?

We’re here for you every step of the way, supporting your growth with no limits on how you practice, or how fast you expand. We handle every aspect of your business, including legal, IT, recruitment and marketing. We work with your staff to make them feel part of our family. So you can enjoy the freedom of doing what you do best – offering great patient care.

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Relief from
Back-Office Stress

The practice of dermatology is more complex than ever. That’s because dermatologists have a significant amount of responsibilities to oversee beyond patient care.

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Compliance and regulation, staffing, billing, legal, payroll management, equipment purchasing, and day-to-day operations all take away from your primary focus. Let us handle the business side of your practice, so you can focus on the what matters most to you: patient care.

With Integrated Dermatology, you maintain complete medical autonomy while profiting from our professional and efficient back-office management services. All the while, you have the freedom to earn maximum financial returns for your successful practice.


Along with relieving office management stress and worry, Integrated Dermatology provides custom support and advice. We work with you to brainstorm, strategize and troubleshoot, so your practice realizes its maximum potential.

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We also provide access to services such as eDerm Practice Management, discount pricing on products, human resources setup and MOHS set-up, all aimed at increasing your productivity and value.

Integrated Dermatology is here to help you navigate these changes by enabling you to focus on high quality dermatological care while freeing you from the hassles of running the practice.